Tom Davidson

Tom Davidson

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Hardware Embedded Systems (HES) team
Computing Systems Lab (CSL)
Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) department
Ghent University
Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 41
9000 Ghent


Research Project

During the last ten years, FPGA's became less of a purely design-oriented platform, they are used more and more in consumer electronics. Almost none of these designs take advantage of the run-time (partial) reconfigurability of these FPGA's. The main difficulties for more broad usage of this reconfigurability has been that the average designer has no experience in using this run-time reconfigurability of FPGA's. Furthermore, most tools are not easy to use and there is no clear design methodology. A big part of this problem is addressed in the research of Karel Bruneel, on Dynamic reconfiguration. My aim is to research the possibilities for elevating automatic dynamic reconfiguration to an even higher level of abstraction, and to develop a design methodology for dynamic reconfiguration on the HLS-level. This will result in designers being able to predict more easily and earlier in the design process whether or not dynamic reconfiguration is feasible in their designs. My research is funded by an IWT-grant.

Courses (Assistant)

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Title Type Project year
Overiew of all run-time reconfiguration theses Master thesis 2013

Publications to Appear


Journal papers

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Conference publications

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