Students present their projects at demo-day

On May 7, 2015, the students that follow Dirk Stroobandt's Design Project Course (1st master Computer Science Engineering) presented the results of their project work at the demo day. The six student teams worked on a great variety of well-exploited project ideas in the following project demos: Cazou, CROS, Fridge Friends, MoBike, RoadRunner and Virtual Museum.

Even though every group is a winner, three prizes where handed out.

  • The "Best Pitch" award went to the team MoBike who presented a new prototype for a bike lock that the rightful user can open with a smart phone.
  • Fridge Friends showed their fridge that scans the articles put into the fridge and taken out of it so as to keep track of the contents of the fridge. With this demo they received the "Best Demo" award.
  • Finally, all attendees received 800 euro (specimen for now) that they could invest into the project(s) that they think is (are) most promising. In that competition, the "Most Promising Project" award was won by CROS. They presented a web application that allows you to autonomously fly several drones of different make at the same time.

It is fair to say that the results of the competition where based on points given by an external jury and that the final scores were very close in most cases. The runners up were

  • Cazou, a project on a second hand clothing webshop that will turn itself into an actual product by the end of the year;
  • RoadRunner, an app that let's you run against other running enthousiasts on distant but equally streneous running paths and shows you whether or not you are winning, as well as keeps track of all scores;
  • Virtual Museum, that results in an application that shows you a virtual 3D image of a museum where you can add items and see how the museum looks inside with your additions.

Congratulations to all winning teams for their splendid presentations at the demo day, congratulations to all participating teams for their hard work and magnificant results and many thanks to Jolien, Femke, Alexia and Jelle who spent many hours in guiding the groups and to the co-teaching professors Frank Gielen and Filip De Turck.